moderated Inconsistent Activity Log entry when a message is flagged as from a non-member #bug

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

When we get a message sent to our restricted main group from a non-member it's flagged in the Activity Log as 'Non-member <emailaddress> attempted to send message <subject> via email' which is as expected.  However, a member of our main group sent a message to the Committee subgroup of which they are not a member and the Activity Log entry is 'Non-member sent "<subject>" requiring approval because it was sent by a non-member via email'.

There is no indication of the main group member's name or email address so we seem have two formats of the Activity Log entry depending upon whether the incoming message is bounced (as in the main group) or held for moderation (as in the subgroup).  Could we show the email address of the sender in both cases?

This member is registered on the main group with a gmail address and the message to the Committee subgroup was sent from their googlemail address. From previous conversations with this member, it's possible the googlemail address is an alias of the gmail address and if that's the case then it should also be possible to show the member's name also.


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