moderated Re: Rethink the messaging when user from banned domain tries to subscribe #suggestion #misc


The other thing I encountered when investigating (aka quizzing Nina about :) what a banned member or domain sees upon trying to join the group was a bad error message when a banned member actually tried to go to the group home page - for example, if someone had sent them a link to it. Nina informed us this morning in Docs that the error has now been fixed, because she had seen it as well and reported it to Mark. I tested this and found that now, when a banned member goes to the group home page, they see "You are not a member of this group." So maybe something like that could happen when an email address with a banned domain tries to apply to the group. It doesn't entirely make sense, because obviously, if they're trying to join the group, they already know they're not a member of it. But the same holds for a banned member trying to visit the group's home page. Perhaps the language could be adjusted slightly so that the same messaging could be applied to both situations, and so that an email addresss with a banned domain would not be explicitly told they can't join the group with that domain.

OTOH, I don't know from domains. I banned the one ex-member's domain because it was his private domain and I know that I didn't want him or anyone from his company joining the group. That is probably not the norm.

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