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Mark wrote this in the update today:

BUGFIX: In some cases, people on banned domains were allowed to subscribe to a group.
Banned domains came up for me recently when a former group member whom I had banned, and whose domain I had also banned, tried to resubscribe. I banned both him and his domain, not knowing exactly what the effects would be, but thinking I'd covered all my bases that way. I found out he'd tried to join through the log entry: "Non-member [x] attempted to subscribe with a banned domain via web." I assume that he was not logged in when he tried to rejoin, since had he been logged in, as a banned member the group would not even have been visible to him. (Thanks, Duane, for pointing that out to me in Docs. I had thought that only the Apply button would not be visible.)

Not knowing what happened, and what he saw, if anything, after he attempted to join with a banned domain, and wanting to find out, I tricked Nina into telling me in Docs by suggesting to her that it be documented. :-) As I'd hoped, she found out the answer and put it into the manual. From her message:
The Banning domains from a group topic in the Owners Manual now contains a note about what someone who’s not logged in and who tries to join a group from a banned domain sees (a notice that states “You are not allowed to subscribe to the group with that domain”).

I wonder whether this is what we want to happen. Banned users can't even see the group in question, let alone know they're banned from it. So do we want people with banned domains knowing that their domain is banned? In fact, had I known that this person would see that message, I would not have banned his domain. As I said, I wasn't sure what would happen but was trying to cover all my bases. Now that this is documented, it's not such a big deal (no surprises). But I wonder whether the same reasoning applies to a banned domain as applies to a banned user wth respect to letting them know that they're banned. I'm not sure what the alternative would be, since logging in does not apply to a domain, so unlike with a banned user, you can't make the group invisible to anyone from the domain. I just wonder whether the current messaging should be reconsidered somehow.


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