moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • DOCS: Updates from Nina.
  • CHANGE: New, better favicon.
  • NEW: Group sponsorships can now be paid using Paypal.
  • BUGFIX: In the members page, if you did a new search while on the second or later page of an existing search, the pagination was messed up.
  • BUGFIX: Changed Elasticsearch sub search mapping to fix partial searches.
  • NEW: Prioritize 2factor authentication support requests to ensure they don't get lost.
  • BUGFIX: In some cases, people on banned domains were allowed to subscribe to a group.
  • BUGFIX: A banned user, going to a group page, would get endlessly redirected, resulting in a browser error.
  • BUGFIX: After adding an attachment when composing a message or reply, delay updating the attachment list for 3 seconds to allow S3 to propagate.
  • BUGFIX: Fix date display for 20th century dates for people with date formats not MM/DD/YY.
  • NEW: Add a link to the help center to the /static/welcome page, the default group welcome message, and the confirming confirmation email message.

Take care everyone.


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