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From: Malcolm Austen
Sent: Jan 28, 2021 1:59 PM
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Subject: [beta] Two issues in joining a group #bug

First a minor bug in some text ... when I initiate the joining process (with a dummy but valid) address, the web page says :
Look for a message from with the Subject: "Confirm Your Account"

However, the message received actually has the subject line:
[KEN] Confirm your join-ken-eng@... email address

Can these please agree with each other?

And then issue two which I'm sure has been discussed before ... the message sequence is all wrong. First I get a welcome message (and the owner is told I have joined the list) and then I get a second email asking me to confirm my request to join the list. (In reality I think these three messages are all sent at the same time and the exact arrival order is unpredictable.) The welcome message should and must not go out until the confirmation process has completed. It's not right for the member to still be in [NC] status when both they and the owner have been informed they have joined the list.

I am happy that the owner should be informed of the application but I feel strongly that the sequence should be:
1. user applies to join
2. user is asked to confirm and owner is informed of the application, user set [NC]
If (and only if) user does confirm then
3. [NC] is removed, user is sent welcome message and owner is informed  of completion

Keep safe, Malcolm.

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