moderated Follow-Topic emailer logic/code is missing hashtag(s) under some certain condition #bug


Hi Mark,

Here's another FollowingOnly weirdness I noticed a couple of days ago, and it probably has to do with the same logic/code area you worked on to fix this similar FO messages missing group tag issue a while back:

See attached, the "Samuel's Paid User Proposal" topic, some of the replies are missing the #suggestion hashtag.  I obviously cannot test this on the actual topic without actually posting something, but it almost looks like it initially takes only one poster to reply and somehow cause the hashtag to not be applied, then anyone replying to that "bad" message continues the missing hashtag trend, until some point in time when someone will reply to a "good" message and it now restores the normal hashtag inclusion on that post's replies, but then it takes another poster to reply to a "bad" message and the cycle repeats.  Most likely the replies that are causing this are by email only but I'm not sure.

I guess it happens only to Follow users, but I don't know for sure; someone from us who is a beta member with individual but not FO setting and uses email, and may have either saved locally the "Samuel's Paid User Proposal" topic, or they see their name in the list under one of the missing hashtag messages and check their sent folder to see what went out in their reply, it should have the hashtag.  Or maybe look into their deleted but recoverable email folder if their client/email system has that.

I only caught this because that thread was so big the condition came to visual view at once when I looked at the email folder where it was downloaded into; it went (visually) undetected during the normal daily FO mailings trickle, it's not limited to the catch-up part of the FO mailer, it also happens during regular everyday FO mailings of that topic's messages.  I went back to my recoverable deleted items folder* and looked at the original messages of that same topic sent to me as part of the normal daily FO/follow-topic mailing for that topic, and the originals matched the same (as attached) missing-hashtag results I got when I unfollowed and refollowed that topic and got everything catch-up-emailed to me again.


* Outlook hosting is good for something after all!

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