moderated Re: Member search for "tom" brings up about 1/2 of membership #bug


On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 04:56 PM, Duane wrote:
Without quotes, it appears to be looking for the characters in the sequence given in the search.  Looking for tom also finds all of the hoTmail.cOM addresses, but there are others that don't fit that mold.  Maybe it's those characters in any order?
It does looks like it's looking for *T*O*M*, (not *TOM*), in that order, but anywhere in the text (addy+domain), and only for email addresses:  I tried it on a 5-member test group, and it only returned one: amdTemp...@...OM, the only one who fits the pattern.  I then added the text tom to a different member's profile name and while it (correctly this time) picked that one up as well, changing it to toam or taom did not catch it now.  So it only does it in the email address field, and since .com is omnipresent, it only takes just one more letter-matching to return that many "matches".


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