locked Re: "Like" for the email-centric (was First Impressions of Groups.io)

Bruce Pappas <bruce@...>

I tend to use the FB "Like" button as I read this, want you to know I read it, and thanks for posting. Doesn't necessary mean I "like" its content. But I'm sure we all use it differently. I frankly would prefer "Read".

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On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 11:06 AM, Frances <travel@...> wrote:

As an older user of Facebook, it drives me crazy when I "like" something that is tragic. I "like" the report of the hurricane damage, etc. Wish there were some other term! However it is so well established that I guess it is the one that has to be used. 

Basically when I "like" something in Facebook, I am saying I agree with the sentiment or your opinion, or I read the linked article and it was spot on, or hey, I loved this picture of your dog.

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