moderated Re: Member search for "tom" brings up about 1/2 of membership #bug

Jeremy H

A quick test on one of my groups found lots on searching for tom (t anywhere, including only after the @ (e.g. in, with ~om at end, or matching *o*omot*@*.*o.* (changing all other characters to single *); but only a few for jom , only finding adresses starting jo~ and ending .com (but not starting  jp~, or starting jo~ with m  in a different place). Curious. 

Searching for som and pom (in same group) only found four (each) - with ~so~ or ~po~ in address, and ending ~om. At first glance, a seemingly random selection...

Another curiosity: if on subsequent screenfulls (i.e. not first) of my search for tom (found >100), I change search argument to jom, and press enter (to search), it say is giving me 1 to 7 of 7 (that it normally does for that search), but does not display any of them, until  I click a column header to sort them.


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