moderated Re: Member search for "tom" brings up about 1/2 of membership #bug


On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 03:21 PM, Dave Sergeant wrote:
Try Tom*.
While that will work for Display names, it doesn't include email addresses.  Unless/until Mark has a chance to figure out what's going on, try including the search term in quotes - "tom".

It also seems to be related to the length of the search string.  While tom and toms have problems, david seems to work fine, but 5 letter searches don't unless they have a space on both ends.

Without quotes, it appears to be looking for the characters in the sequence given in the search.  Looking for tom also finds all of the hoTmail.cOM addresses, but there are others that don't fit that mold.  Maybe it's those characters in any order?


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