moderated Re: Member search for "tom" brings up about 1/2 of membership #bug

Dave Sergeant

Try Tom*.

I do quite a lot of searches in one of my groups for TV model numbers.
I always have to add a * wildcard at the end as quite often extra
characters are at the end, eg 21AX2100EZ may only show if you use


On 26 Jan 2021 at 21:02, Mike Hanauer via wrote:

I have often found "weidness" in search results which I could not
explain. The search for "tom" is the wildest, but the cause of its
returning so many false positives may explain others. Consider Better,
not Bigger. So many advantages. Just ask. USA adds a Chicago to our
overpop each year. "Still more population growth is not our way to a
healthy community, a healthy planet, OR enjoyable cycling."

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