moderated Re: Ability to add hashtags in replies #suggestion


Hi Mark,

I'm with the majority:  Users, no, but it could probably work (with caveats) for only the mods and it may require extra work from you now and possibly later; or work (as intended) for just you and that would require less work overall.

But just curious...

>>> I could add the #done hashtag, instead of having to go to the website and editing the topic

- Construct reply as normally, but with #newhashtag also and email in.  (?? OR, instead of the normal address, email the message to (non-published) group+addhashtag@groups.... possibly ??)
- If sender not an admin, treat as now, strip #newhashtag and post, done.
- If an admin, scan the subject hashtags to see if there is a new one (or ones if recursion was used for possibly adding more than one capability)
- If one found, use that and call the code that runs when a hashtag is manually added to a topic by the admin.
- Post the message now, and done.

Is something like this what you had in mind?   It mimics an admin adding a hashtag so effect-wise, nothing changes, not any new disconnects or new side-effects; same thing if currently an admin did the topic hashtag addition by hand then turned around and send the message (with or without the new hashtag), or vice versa.


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