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I upgraded my 2,000 member list from Basic, two weeks ago.  Unfortunately I paid for the first year with my credit card on file and then activated
sponsorship, not knowing the level of list support I would receive, I had told my  list this would be done before the 18th.  And after the special notice
went out I started getting a lot of sponsors.  I then realized that I should have activated the sponsor feature a day before the upgrade.  AS it was I received
enough sponsors for two more years of Premium subscription.
   Within an hour of the upgrade I sent out a second notice to the list that they could donate to me using Paypal to reimburse me for the first year Premium fees.
within eight hours Paypal donations had paid for the initial upgrade and I asked Paypal donations to stop. Most donations were between $5 and $25, only two higher.
I got 17 contributions thru Paypal in eight hours and 34 thru the sponsorship function in 48 hours at which I had funds for three years and disabled the sponsorship 
function.  Several subscribers who had pledged earlier to contribute complained that the Paypal donation ended before they learned of the request.

Two lessons learned. 
First the Sponsorship function works effectively, just if you have a Basic list, turn it on BEFORE you upgrade.
Two Even though the Paypal donations were more complicated to make and did not directly add to the funds on hand, they came in faster and in larger amounts.
PAYPAL should be added to the sponsorship funds collection function.

ken clark

Jan 14   

On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 11:05 AM Samuel Murrayy <samuelmurray@...> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 07:22 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
It will not show up if you are logged out of completely.
I tested this, and: it does show up in my test group.  However, when I click it, I'm asked to log in or sign up.

Oh, err, you're right.
What is a reason why people must be registered with to use that button?  Why can't non-members sponsor a group?  And is there a specific reason why such people can't sponsor via e.g. PayPal?

They need an account with to sponsor a group because the payment mechanism uses existing code that requires a account. I don't see that as a serious impediment. If you're interested in a group, you probably have a account anyways.
I haven't added Paypal because the last time I looked at Paypal, their API was a mess and it made me feel dumb because I couldn't figure it out. I think their API has changed over the last few years; I will work up the courage to look at it again at some point.

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