locked Re: Why Groups.io isn't producing home-grown groups


Hello Chris, I have promoted Groups.io in some of the Yahoo Groups where I am a member.  Even after I created my own Groups.io group, I promoted that group.  Since the group was intended to be a place where artists could chit chat, I thought some of the members of the Yahoo art groups would have come over.  A few did, actually.  Counting me, there are 8 members.  The problem that I am having is that when I toss out topics for discussing, I don't get many responses, if any.  It just makes me wonder why people join a group if they don't want to participate. 

I understand some people are content with lurking and I wouldn't mind it if there were a lot more members and at least some of them would be willing to carry on conversations.   I have yet to meet an artist who doesn't like to talk about his or her art.  Or, has opinions on the works of other artists. 

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