moderated Re: Disallow concurrent "special notices" and "following only" #suggestion #bug


OK all, on the subject of reconsidering the page layout while at it, (which would also fix the OP issue), I took the suggestions brought up so far, twisted them a bit, and came up with a "new-and-improved" proposal. (see attached)

What I like it about it -if you look at it closely- is that no setting (and its current meaning) is changed (except for some help blurb minor changes), it's the same exact functionality of the current screen, just presented a bit differently; what changes is some of the settings are now strategically rearranged so the delivery material (what/which) goes at the top now, and the delivery method (how) goes below it.  The flow now changes to a simpler "send me nothing, or send me [everything/someofit...] using [individual/enhanced-digest/plain-digest/daily-summary] emails and limit its size to [maxsize] if necessary."  I think it gives the delivery panel a logical and straightforward, easy to follow & understand workflow (provided we caption it optimally), and also addresses the issues brought forward:

- Cleaner/streamlined message delivery section, no more need for separate Delivery and AdvPrefs panels & expanding/collapsing/hiding, moving things around, etc.
- The MaxAttachment setting is no longer the forgotten toy in the back of the closet.
- No more nonsensical/invalid combinations presented in the screen, it's very clear what happens.
- Mostly self-explanatory, and because only the really-important parts of that big light-blue note are used, the note can be done away with since the rest of its current text is now visually "told" (shown) in the new layout and text changes, hence cleaner more compact screen look.
- I would think the (initial) user shock would be little, gone soon; heck, some may think Cool! My account was enhanced with new options.
- No code/UI change needed in the multi-group-select -> Actions menu. (unless if we wanted to add the FO option(s) there)
- No code/UI change needed in the Admin -> MemberList-multicheck -> SetEmailDelivery dialog.  (unless if we wanted to add the FO option(s) there, but I'd think only the user themselves should set FO on their account, I assumed that's what we would want)
- I don't see any downstream emailing selector code needing to change because the underlying current structure (and routing logic) doesn't change.
- reMarkably, the only work required would be mostly screen UI work, with some minor code work to account for the disable/grey-out/possibly-clear radio+options combos; I don't think any screen logic code would need to change because the settings still mean and do exactly what they did before.
- And as an after-effect, this proposal also exposes the FO options in plain view in the forefront, so it can encourage/promote FO usage.


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