moderated Include info blurb & link to the upon account creation #suggestion


J brought up a good point in the sub settings topic:

> No group members I know of read the manual or even know that it exists.
This may have fallen through the cracks ever since the Help Center was created, but why not include some info blurb and the links to the manuals (help center landing page) in the account confirmation message?  Or even better, send a separate Welcome message (once) to the user with that info & link after the account gets confirmed?  And possibly also post it on the landing page (with the profile edit blurb and links) where the new user is landed when they click the new-account confirmation link, or the first time they manually log-in? 

Doing both ensures all types of new GIO account users are served, done manually by the user or through DirectAdded / Invite.

It should help with the visibility issue.  (said message could also possibly include any other basic-basic-info-to-the-average-user we may want to also include)

For the existing user base, I guess a one-time mass emailing is out of the question, but it could be setup as the same "show it just once" onscreen note with link when users log-in or first time they visit (since the note gets instituted); or alternatively set it up as a persisting-but-timed note with the "x" option to dismiss it, in which case it won't show again.


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