moderated #bug Folder Photos, "emailed photos" search function, no results ????? #bug

Alain Mionnet

Hi Mark,
In the title.
How does it work?
Because nothing as result....
I have searched "IMSTP" , I was waiting all the small pictures table.
Blank page...
I have supposed that for many returns in the search  the  page have a size trouble but no , same for my group with fews pictures in "emailed photos" (20).
Initial was here:
Where I am a moderator.
By the way, it seems that the record is on the name and the date but....if many time the same picture we lost many space.
Possible rule:
-on name, if already exist, if same size  it is the same , not re-load.
-if later a picture no more exists, it could be taken the picture with the name only.(because owner or moderator have cleaned it)

Why  many time the same picture?
-used in the e-mail signature.
-re-send with reply function with all the content.
So for listATV, IMSTP12.gif is stored around 80 times in "Emailed photos" folder.

Thank you for your help.


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