moderated Weird display date on two groups #bug


Hi Mark,

On two of the groups I own the group started date on the home page displays weirdly; it's almost as if the format for it was MM-DD-YYYY at one time then it got changed to the ISO YYYY-MM-DD format but the string wasn't reset in between assignment or something, I don't know; if I hover the mouse over it, it shows the correct date in US date format.

Group AMD shows Started on 1999-12-1999, if you hover the mouse over the date, it shows "Dec 19, 1999"; similarly, group ALPS shows 1998-11-1398 and "Nov 13, 1998" hover.

Local regional date setting (US or ISO) makes no difference. Also, both of these were migrated from Yahoo Oct 2019 or whereabouts, it must had happened during that time because it has been like this since I remember. 

Could you fix it at your spare time whenever?

Thanks and Cheers,

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