moderated Re: Poll participation by non-account holders #suggestion

Tom U

Thanks for the constructive discussion of implementation.  I know that not every suggestion fits the intention of a system or may be easily implemented.

Yes, we are evaluating if the paid features provide value.  I suggested the poll partly as a way to test the value of that feature, but polling is not a critical feature.

For polls that I can imagine doing in my group, I have no problem with the responses being anonymous and unprotected.  There is little reason for someone to manipulate them and results are merely informative.  

I can also see the need for each respondent being authenticated.  Before submitting this request, I took a look at poll creation to see if there was an option to choose between those two modes.  P

My guess is that plan to identify with out authenticating that identity is subject to manipulation.  It is too complex for "I don't care who responds" and not secure enough for "I only want my authenticated users to respond."


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