moderated Re: #suggestion Need to permit different email addresses for group joining #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 10:04 PM, judy Warden wrote:
Consequently, I already have two accounts so tried to set up a third but seems it didn't let me. Got around this by opening with a new browser. 
You don't actually state what error message, if any, you see when you say 'it didn't let me'. uses a cookie to keep track of whether someone is logged in or not so if you resolved your issue by using a different browser it suggests you may not have logged out from one account before trying to access another in the same browser session. Many Owners and Mods have multiple accounts and some manage this by using different browsers. Personally, I use Firefox with the Multi-account Containers add-on which isolates cookies between different browser tabs.  That way I can have multiple accounts logged into at one time and just switch browser tabs to access them.

One of the main reasons that Owners and Mods have multiple accounts is so that they can view their groups from different perspectives. The options available to your group members will most likely be different to what a group owner sees and it's helpful to have a member's view especially when group settings are being changed.  This may not have been your initial reason for asking but something to consider anyway.


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