moderated Re: Poll participation by non-account holders #suggestion

David Grimm

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 12:19 PM, Tom U wrote:
That's exactly what I do want to do.  At least for the majority of members.   I hope that the additional pro services would be of benefit to the managers but if the only way to make use of them is to get 100 kayakers to learn about features, well, not going to work for this group.

OK, I'm a little testy about being told how I should be using the service.  There is a way that I want to use the service.  I hope that I have explained my reasons for my use case.  
So perhaps isn't for you or your group. It was explained to you why the feature you requested doesn't exist the way you envision it, and maybe it was a little blunt, but so is asking for a change to the system to conform to what YOU think it ought to be. 


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