moderated Re: Poll participation by non-account holders #suggestion

Tom U

Sorry, but you are way off beam here. Every member of a group (hosted by, that is!) has an Account, even if they don't realise it.
No I'm not.  I may have not read the user manual (thanks for the link) and may not understand the subtlies of how tracks users, but I do have a valid point about our user's experience.  Calling me "way off beam" is discouraging of my future engagement.

I'm using to facilitate communication in a community of kayakers in a local outdoor club.  I considered options such as slack and basecamp but most of our members are resistant to adopting new technology.  Also, communication is infrequent enough that they won't come to some web site and check for it.  Communication must come to them.  I choose an e-mail list because everyone uses e-mail, they can control how they receive communication, and they don't need to "create an account"

For the purpose of this post, "create an account" is used to mean the common understanding:  Submit a user name and password which I then use to access the services.  I wanted to not require everyone to create an account on yet another service.

So far, so good.  I over 100 people have joined our mailing list.  The free version did most of what we wanted but I argued that we should pay for service and that would make the manager's life easy.  A few people have created accounts and are figuring out what paid serves gets us.  However most of our members are just on a mailing list.

I'm not convinced that the paid service is providing much value for us.  I sugged that we try using some of the features, such as pools.  

 * We created a poll
 * I noticed I had to log in
 * I asked others if they didn't participate in the poll because they didn't have an account
 * many said that was their experience.
 * I conclude that polls, as implemented, are not useful to us.

> At the risk of repeating myself, ALL your members already have accounts; all they need to do is complete the process of setting them up to enable web access. 

Perhaps, technically, but they don't know that, they have not set a password, they don't want yet-another-account, and I'm not going to tell them to, besides, most would not bother.

Having non - account holders to vote means risking non - members voting, and that would be a HUGE mistake.

That's what I want, I'm willing to take that risk.  Calling this a HUGE mistake is a HUGE misunderstanding of my needs and risk assessment.

> IMHO treating purely as a mailing list is also a mistake, but that's another story...

That's exactly what I do want to do.  At least for the majority of members.   I hope that the additional pro services would be of benefit to the managers but if the only way to make use of them is to get 100 kayakers to learn about features, well, not going to work for this group.

OK, I'm a little testy about being told how I should be using the service.  There is a way that I want to use the service.  I hope that I have explained my reasons for my use case.  


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