moderated Re: #suggestion Need to permit different email addresses for group joining #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 03:14 PM, judy Warden wrote:
Many people like to use different email addresses for different groups.
You can use a different address for a different group is you wish by creating a different account and subscribing to a group with that.

Under Yahoo groups, We could join a group and then state the address we preferred to use for that specific group.
The organisation of is different.  The account (email address) is the top-level entity and you subscribe to groups from that. All groups subscribed to by one account therefore use the same email address.  You can alternative posting addresses (Aliases) but I suspect that is not what you are looking for.

  I have search the options and there is no way to add a preferred address to that one group.
That's because is organised differently.

The option definitely should be added to the subscription options for a specific group.
That would seem to change the fundamental organisation of so it's not likely to happen.  See the Owner's Manual and Quick Start Guide in the Help Centre  for more details.


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