moderated Re: Poll participation by non-account holders #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 04:35 AM, Tom U wrote:
We recently posted a poll to our group but response was limited by the fact that many don't have accounts and don't want to bother creating one.
Sorry, but you are way off beam here. Every member of a group (hosted by, that is!) has an Account, even if they don't realise it.

I suggest that you have a good look in the "Help" section, particularly at the Members Manual section 3.2 about creating an account so that members can access not only messages but all the other web - based facilities that has to offer... depending that is on which type of group you have. (Free or paid)

Prompt your members to get their accounts properly set up and then they can participate in polls, assuming (as above) that your group allows them.

Having non - account holders to vote means risking non - members voting, and that would be a HUGE mistake.

IMHO treating purely as a mailing list is also a mistake, but that's another story...

At the risk of repeating myself, ALL your members already have accounts; all they need to do is complete the process of setting them up to enable web access.


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