moderated Re: Owner box in photos being changed by members #bug


Yes, please do make this change.  
    While some may change the owner box intentionally, sometimes a member changes photo ownership by mistake.  Then they cannot restore the correct owner's id/name because they cannot recall or find it. 
    Mods/owners do at times need to be able to change the photo ownership.  For example, when a member dies - their membership is removed as a security precaution.   However, the photos they shared are kept as a treasured reminder of their artistry and friendship.   

On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 04:07 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
change the Owner box ... causing issues where they are then locked out of editing their photo since the name has been changed when they clicked the down arrow on that line. 

Does anyone need this functionality for members? Can I restrict the ability to change photo ownership to just mods/owners?

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