moderated Re: Group Sponsorships #update


Since I set up the Sponsorship as art of an upgrade to Premium decision, paid for a year with credit card on file, all sponsorship contributions are thus going into a reserve.
After an hour the list has in reserve 75% of the cost for the next year starting in 2022.

I expect in the next couple of hours to have in reserve the funds necessary for paying for another year starting Jan 2022.

How do you suspend sponsorship when you have reached full funding for the next year?

If I disable sponsorship in Settings, do the reserve funds disappear?

Is there a method to suspend sponsorship until the reserve needs to be increased to cover a full year's funding?

In retrospect I should have upgraded to Premium for only a month, collected sponsorship funds in reserve for enough for a full year and then paid for a full year from reserve funds.

lesson learned.

But since i had enough pledges of Support to pay for  four year of Premium,  I don't want to collect that much to leave in reserve for four years.

ken clark

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