moderated Re: #bug event times in /feed are all 8 hours out #bug

Malcolm Austen

On 15/01/2021 16:10:18, Duane <txpigeon@...> wrote:

On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 05:11 AM, Malcolm Austen wrote:
I'm afraid it isn't fixed for the instance I'm looking at Mark.
In an effort to assist with troubleshooting, and to make sure it wasn't just me, I loaded up another browser - still wrong.  I went into my Preferences and changed it to PST, then everything was 2 hours earlier on the feed, so the logic is correct, but it's confused about my time zone.  Something very strange going on.
Malcolm Austen: 
Indeed Duane. I believe that in a previous test, several weeks ago, I found that the event showed in /feed in PST regardless of my own time zone. Now it shows as 8 hours earlier than it should irrespective of my time zone (well, OK, I only checked with my TZ set to UTC and PST, the 15:00 UTC event showed as 07:00 when my YZ was UTC and 23:00 when my TZ was set to PST.

So I'm afraid that Mark's change has changed the effect but not actually cured it ... 
My regular browser is FF 84, but the test was done with IE 11.  Both on Win7 Home Premium.  (I even pulled out my laptop with Linux and FF on it - still wrong.)
Malcolm Austen: 
Vivaldi (latest public release, it's Chromium based) on Win10 here. I can try Edge, FF, Opera and Chrome but they gave the same results a few weeks ago. 


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