moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion

Dave Sergeant

This discussion keeps going in the various threads and there seems no
easy answer. Whatever, and appreciating that Mark has to make ends
meet, it seems GIO is no longer the preferred home for many hobbyist
groups that just want somewhere to chat. The 100 member limit is too
low for many of these groups and most of them are unable to fund more.
When GIO surfaced a few years ago many of us queried how it could
function with no funding from the free groups and that has now become
apparent. Grandfathered groups cannot be considered immune whatever
assurances are made. I used to recommend GIO as a home for those
looking for lists, I can no longer do this. When the reality of the
situation becomes clear to the wider world (the new plans currently
don't seem to be widely known outside here and GMF) I think a bombshell
is about to hit Mark.


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