moderated Re: #bug event times in /feed are all 8 hours out #bug



Jan 19, 2021 00:05 This is the hashtag event #reminder
I have 24 hour time chosen, in case that makes any difference.
That would be correct if your account is Pacific time (UTC-0800).

The event is set at 2:05 am Central time (UTC-0600).
My normal account (UTC-0800) sees 12:05 am
an a test account (UTC-0500) sees 3:05 am

All correct. Unless I'm /very/ confused.


I logged in as you and it appears as 02:05am in the feed, which
matches the event itself. If that's the event, are you still seeing
something different?
I'm not sure why you're seeing it in Central time if Duane's account is Pacific time. Maybe a weirdness in your test harness?


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