moderated Re: #suggestion Moderators should be able to Reply to or Forward a message of 'importance' and tag it "Special Interest" in the process #suggestion



I proposed a modification that would allow a Moderator - with
permission, be given the opportunity to recognize an item that should
be a Special Notice - and be able to Reply or Forward (to the Group)
any item that comes through.
Possibly this could be implemented by adding an item to the More menu: "Resend this Topic as a Special Notice".

There are a couple of potential gotcha's in that implementation.

First is the word "Resend" - I'm saying that the topic would be resent to all members (excluding No Email) not just those on Special Notices. In that way it is not different from your Copy/Paste method.

One reason to be clear about this is that a Special notice goes out with a subject prefix "[Special]" to catch the member's attention and/or activate an email filter. Another reason is that Special notices are sent both inside a Digest and as an Individual Message, for members on Digest Delivery.

Second is that word "Topic" above. IIRC a message sent as a Special Notice (the usual way, New Topic with the checkbox checked) can be replied to by members, and those replies come through as special also. So what I'm saying here is that if Topic you apply this command on has replies already, those would be resent also.

Currently, the only way to do this is to 'hijack', then Copy the
original message and create a new message from the Moderators own
address, then Paste the original message into a New Message and send
it on. Credit to the Originator is lost this way - if nothing else.
So that suggests another implementation, add an item to the More Menu:
"Copy this Message to a New Topic".

This would be effectively the same as your Copy and Paste manually, but it would copy also the original message's From information (and possibly Date/Time?) into the New Topic composition page. From there you could check the Special Notice box and send it out.

This has the advantage (or disadvantage, however you see it) of isolating a single message to be resent, rather than potentially a whole topic.

I hope this helps (rather than confuses) some issues for you and Mark.


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