moderated Re: Group Sponsorships #update


Mark, I really like this new "sponsorship" option. In my large/active premium (hobbyist) group, I had no difficulty getting contributors for the annual fee at renewal time, but going through PayPal to my individual account was not ideal. I did not want to set up a Stripe account in order to use the previous donation function. My smaller groups do not need premium functions, but it is nice that individuals can make donations there if they wish. And optional "donations" to a particular group or groups should be more palatable to my members, vs paying the GIO organization per se just to come through the door, even if only a small yearly amount.

I also appreciate the fact that GIO is absorbing the processing fees, which makes things much more simple.  

If needed, my large "legacy" group would likely be willing to _voluntarily_ pay a higher amount. An additional "donation" if you will, in addition to the billed rate. I do hope that there are enough new groups that  "grandfathering" does not need to be phased out.  Linda N

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