moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 01:14 PM, monamouroui wrote:
Shal, if you exclude grandfathered groups then the new groups that had to and will continue to have to pay, will be at a disadvantage. So unless Mark is trying to constrain the formation of new groups this is a bad idea. Why would someone join a newly formed group where they would have to pay $2.50/annually when they can search for older groups that would be free to the user?
Yes, but the purpose of this thread is not to discuss what the potential downsides of grandfathering is.  Your objection would apply even if my proposal isn't implemented.

If a user applies for membership a non-grandfathered group that is "full" (i.e. already has as many members as the owner is willing to pay for), here's what happens:
  • If premium groups can be capped: either the user gets a system message telling him that the group is full, or the moderator replies to user, "sorry, we have no more room in our group, and there is nothing either of us can do about it"
  • If premium groups can't be capped: moderator replies to user, "sorry, I can't afford another member; however, if you're willing to pay me $1.00 per year via PayPal, then you can join our group"
  • With my proposal: moderator replies to user, "sorry, our free-member slots are full; however, if you become a paid member of for $2.50 per year, then you can join our group"

Grandfathering isn't going to go away, so yes, if a user is not picky and would join any existing grandfathered group, then that option would be open to him.  However, my experience with the groups that I'm in is that people who become members of those groups specifically want to become members of **those** groups.  If there are a dozen cat group and all the user wants is to share cat photos, then "any group will do", but a lot of groups are quite specialised and people don't really have alternatives to join.

(The ability to cap premium groups has been suggested but has not been confirmed or commented on by Mark.)

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