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On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 08:51 PM, Scott Chase wrote:
Do any of you who have well-established, huge groups here care at all how this might impact all the many new tiny groups who just recently paid $220 to transfer all our groups over here from free Yahoo?
First of all, I'm not in favor of Drew's "everyone pays $2.50" proposal. I just think it's heaps better than Samuel's proposal where you have to pay to get into a group if you've over the group limit. I think Mark's original, unblemished plan (or proposal, depending on whether you believe it's cast in stone or not - there has been some question about that) is best.

Second, you're already grandfathered in, as I understand it.

And for the record, although it's not relevant, my group is far from huge. And I'm grandfathered in, too. I am just concerned about how Samuel's proposal would affect the forces swirling around as a whole if people can, or have to, pay to get into groups that are past their limits.

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