moderated Re: Subscribers leaving before pricing change #misc


If the new price changes reflect the cost of doing business. large, free lists like mine will not be grandfathered forever, I plan on in two or three years having to become a paid list or quit.
Obviously if upgrading to a paid list will be required not now but in a couple of years, over the next five years it makes sense to upgrade before the price increases.  Most organizations are lucky to keep their promises,
not to change  anything for current members for two years, after three years all bets are off.  I only saw Mark make a promise not to force large free lists to upgrade on Jan 18th.  After that I saw no guarantee that it wouldn't happen in 2022.
Have we seen price changes in recent years? Sure.  Do I expect to see pricing changes in the future after implementation of a new price structure? Yes.  I should also plan accordingly.


RCardona posted:

If a change doesn't affect your group, why would you bother your group with this information until such time that it would?   You're creating anxiety and panic for yourself and your group members without benefit.   I don't get why you did this and then are putting this back on Mark when it doesn't affect your group.


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