moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion

Scott Chase

What I am strongly opposed to is a new member payment NOT tied to a specific group, that would be required to even access any groups that are grandfathered, free Basic and/or already sponsored and paid for by owners. Not tying a member payment to a specific group implies that the requirement for a new user access fee is system wide.
I have a tiny grandfathered Basic Group that I personally paid $220 to migrate. If any of my current or even future members are forced to pay a user fee in order to just gain access to, my free content is then behind a new paywall and my group will die.

None of my members will pay a fee to access my group content. Not one of them. I'm OK with encouraging voluntary donations to Mark or donations to owners of premium groups, but I am not OK with any kind of paywall that puts all groups behind a ubiquitous system-wide user-access fee.

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