moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion


I know I'm a little late to this proposal but I'm wondering what problems are being solved by changing the payment strategy. If the problem is disk space cost then charge more for space. If basic operating costs like server hosting and advanced feature development is a problem then charge more for the base cost if groups have a larger resource footprint. We are charitable organization and we do raise money to help pay for our costs and we have memberships to provide extra benefits to our members like discounts to event tickets. We really like but I think what it is lacking is a membership model and donation capability. If there was a membership model so that groups could charge some of their users a fee for more benefits like adding them to certain forums then groups could raise the necessary funds to pay for the services. Donation capability would also help.

Another interesting idea is to structure a storage space allocation by user and charge the user based on their specific storage usage. Free users get a fixed amount (50MB) and members of each group have an adder placed on their membership for the amount of storage space they request. This way the group gets their membership fee and gets their storage cost fee.

This type of model requires very little administration and allows small footprint groups to exist for free or for a very small fee. This allows small groups to flourish and hopefully some of then will flourish into larger groups and thus more revenue for It provides those groups who need more capability to collect revenue from their users in terms of memberships and provides a way for to collect revenue from these memberships. could charge a membership fee of 5% and then a surcharge for member space usage. All the administrator would need to do is set up the membership levels and turn on the donation module to get it working. Then send out announcements to their community and post the information on their websites or social media. Members would be self managed with reminders for membership renewal and possibly an autopay feature which is a great tool to retain members.

I think this type of model would provide a foundation to reduce barriers to entry, encourage growth and also increase revenue. I would definitely support this type of model from the administration side, user side and hopefully it makes sense to and keeps it financially viable.

Just my 2 cents.



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