moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 02:35 AM, monamouroui wrote:
Owners don't even know how to help their members log into their accounts, let alone advise them how to pick from a menu of tiered prices for the privilege of joining a group, and then what? You want to read archives? Pay this. You want to post, not just read what others post? Now pay this. You want access to the files? Pay more.
I have no idea how many additional tiers will be introduced by Mark in future, but my proposal does not introduce additional tiers into the groups themselves.

It is not part of my suggestion that members would be required to pay for access to various services in the group.  One payment gives you access (unless you're a free member) to all of the facilities the owner decides to give you.  Free members get exactly the same access as paid members.  The owner gets no money from based on how many free or paid members he has, so there is no incentive or disincentive for him to deny or allow access to services that he would not otherwise have denied or allowed.  In my proposal, it would not be possible for an owner to e.g. give paid members access to e.g. Files but deny free members from accessing it. 

From the owner's day-to-day perspective there is no difference between paid and free members: the only time when it matters whether someone is a free or a paid member, is when a new member tries to join, and the group's free slots are close to filled, or when an existing paid member informs the owner that he is going to stop paying.

(Granted, my proposal does include an exception for paid members whose membership have lapsed, or for free members who want to wait for a free slot to open up, that those people can have reduced access (e.g. they can read messages, but not post), but that is not a core part of the suggestion.)

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