moderated Re: Subscribers leaving before pricing change #misc

Bärbel Stephenson

I have also had a person leave for this very reason.  I have not made any announcements to the group.  This person left all io groups she had been in and wrote to say why.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 2:14 PM RCardona <genealogy1750@...> wrote:
If a change doesn't affect your group, why would you bother your group with this information until such time that it would?   You're creating anxiety and panic for yourself and your group members without benefit.   I don't get why you did this and then are putting this back on Mark when it doesn't affect your group.


On 1/12/21 1:37 AM, SP4149 wrote:
Ever since the Jan18th pricing increases were announced, one, two, three subscribers leave the list each day.  Prior to the announcement of the price increases,
one or two subscribers would leave each month.
I shared Mark's announcement in total.
Told the list where it would be classified under the guidelines for fee per member pricing.
I told the list that the price increases would not affect us immediately but that we could be vulnerable in a couple of years when the cost of an upgrade would be excessive.
I did not tell subscribers that I would be collecting a fee per member; instead I told them that I would not collect a fee from each one of the 1900+ members.
Enough sponsors have promised support for the next few years aa a Premium list.

I also told the list that Mark would be making a final analysis last week; but nothing has been provided, with the pricing increases less than a week away.
I haven't had any updates to pass to the list and the exodus of members appears to be due to the uncertainty around fee per member pricing.  We are still getting new members
but the number leaving is ten times greater.  Other list owners have been asking about Mark's update.  While I don't think Mark can afford to grandfather large
free lists of 2000 subscribers for much longer; the delay from last week is creating a lot of anxiety.


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