moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion



A couple of years ago Meetup, which was formerly free, started to charge group owners a yearly fee. It provided group owners with a means of charging their members, but members were free to pay or not pay.

That sounds exactly like the situation under Mark's original proposal, plus a mechanism for voluntary payments by members (which I and others suggested).

There is no way I would have stayed in MeetupĀ  if I, as a member, had had to pay a yearly fee simply to belong to the platform.

In the context of this topic I think what you're saying is that you as a group member wouldn't use Samual's Paid User Proposal. That's ok, Samuel's proposal doesn't require it of you. Going back to Mark's original post in this topic, maybe some kind-hearted group owner will allocate you a subscription from the "free member slots" they've purchased (plan base fee plus add-on per-member fee).


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