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Duane, thanks for the pointer to the app release info.


I would like to keep in touch and see what you find out. You can send me private email at joanie.m.nightingale if you like. I've got a requirements document that I could share with you.

thanks so much for the response and I'm glad to see that other people are frustrated with finding a platform to support generic private club type volunteer groups.

Our group is a registered non-profit. has worked for us but it really lacks a membership model, event ticket purchase, text chat, video chat and the mobile app. We've been plugging these holes with other apps and spreadsheets. We have a website that we use as our main presence on the web and interested parties are made members of the main group which we call our community. Our community group is broken down into various subgroups (board, volunteers, members, event specific planning, special interest groups(SIGs)). Each has need to calendar meetings and or events. Some events require purchasing tickets and some do not. members are those community members that have a paid membership and receive discounts on events. we have two levels of membership, single and couples. Volunteers are members from our community that help to plan and work at events. event specific planning are temporary groups that are set up for the duration of the event from conception to a final what we learned meeting and membership consists of all volunteers involved in that specific event. Then event planning files are archived for next year's team to look at. SIGs are groups that our members can self subscribe to for different activities like meetup groups (foodie, clubbing, skiing, golfing, ....). Each SIG has an community member that "owns" the group and does the admin. The board is our board of directors.

Our members have strong privacy requirements so that's why we can't use tools like facebook for our platform. We really like the model where each member can choose to either hide, or make visible, their profile. Currently we have 500 in our community but we think there is bloat there from inactive people. We have about 120 paid memberships and host 4 paid events per year.

Our younger members are really looking for a mobile device app because email is so antiquated for them. We would also really like to create an more automatic Facebook and Twitter presence. Right now those are manually and not really that interesting.


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We are trying to find another tool to replace but then I stumbled on this group discussing a mobile app version of
How interesting!

I have spent the last week researching existing apps to meet a "generic" club's needs and if it was feasible to design an app for specific groups. There are a number of apps used by clubs and sport teams that might more efficiently replace GIO for some. I have found apps that integrate messages, calendars, membership lists, surveys, etc for 200-500 members. This would effectively replace the "mailing list" use of a basic group with over 100 members but at a lessor cost ranging from $30-80 a year.  I sent some feelers out yesterday to the more promising apps. 

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