moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion


I'm so very glad my group of about 1900 is a grandfathered Premium group which I pay $10 a month for out of my own pocket.  I kept that secret from my members for a long time.  Eventually, the members found out and a few have offered to send me $$$ to help.  I have told them I would rather they donate something to a no-kill animal shelter in lieu of sending me money and some do that.    I think that the idea of some people paying for membership and others not paying could make for unintentional friction among the members of a group.  People are funny that way.   The proposals I have read about seem cumbersome and a headache for an owner or to manage.  I, myself, would rather put up with a few discrete advertisements then deal with the possible headaches for the proposed plans.  But, I know most would object to advertisements so that is not likely to happen.  Again, I am so grateful that my group is a grandfathered Premium group and I thank Mark for that perk.  I chose to set up a Premium group because I needed the higher MB storage option and occasionally use Direct Add.  We don't use any of the other Premium features.   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my grandfathered status will not be done away with in the near or distant future.  

Janice B
New Statler Siblings Group Owner
Long Arm Quilters

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