moderated Pricing/Availability for mobile app #misc



I represent the River City Gems charitable organization ( and and we have been using for a number of years. We currently have the Premium membership. Just a little background. We are a private social group that hosts various social events and we provide a community forum so that all our members can communicate. We also use subgroup to organize and plan events with a subset of our community that volunteers. This is an all volunteer organization. The current email based system has served us well but most of our younger users only have a mobile device and they find the email interface a little cumbersome and antiquated. We are trying to find another tool to replace but then I stumbled on this group discussing a mobile app version of I have not yet got my hands on it to test it but I hope that changes soon. We have been evaluating other tools and think we may have found something but we have to give up some features in that we like. Specifically the ability to have folders in the storage area, private storage for each subgroup and the integrated calendar function. A mobile app would probably solve our problem if we can wait for it and afford it.

I've read through some of the pricing discussion but there doesn't seem to be a good summary so I'll just ask here.

I've got a board meeting on the 18th to review some of the new applications so I'm looking for pricing and availability of the mobile app. I'm looking for something to take to the board meeting so share. Would the mobile app be included in the premium version for all users? If not, is there someone who can summarize the current options on the table? When would the app be released to general public? 



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