moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion

Scott Chase

My Grandfathered FREE Basic Group would no longer be freely accessible, if there is ANY form of a user account fee suddenly being charged by every year. My FREE Group would be placed behind a traditional Paywall at that point. Someone even remotely interested in joining my group may be required to become a subscriber of in order to access my Group's previously-free content.

Nobody on the internet is going to even remotely have the impression that my Group's content is free, if they must now pay for a account. I would not have been initially interested in, and subsequently paid $220 to transfer my little Yahoo group to in the first place, if there was going to be ANY kind of user Paywall put in front of my group at some point. I don't think most people will join my Group anymore if becomes a Premium service with a Paywall. That's not what I signed up for and paid a transfer fee for.

But, I do support adding a Donation button to me grandfathered free group. And I would encourage my members to use it.


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