moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 12:22 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
My interpretation is that the grandfathering would immediately cease to be in effect because the new proposal affects all group members. Even if a group itself is grandfathered in, members may have to start paying to join other groups. Nobody who created a account thought that was going to happen.
While I agree that many people who created groups at had thought that things would always be the same for them and for everyone else that they recommended to, and many such people were disappointed to discover that changed in ways that no longer match the recommendations that they had made to their friends, and that the advantages of that they had originally mentioned to their group members to convince them to move to are no longer available... while I agree with all of that, the fact is that "grandfathering" relates to groups only.

I deduce from your comments here and in other mails that you thought that "grandfathering" means that members of a grandfathered group will always have the same rights/abilities in all other groups that they have in the grandfathered group.  But the way I understand "grandfathering", the group (i.e. the group structure, not the collection of individual members) continues with the same rights/abilities as before, and its members have the same rights/abilities in that group that they had before.  Grandfathering does not mean that all existing members of a grandfathered group can continue to use the rest of as if it's still 2018.

(I do sympathize with owners and members of grandfathered groups.  When Mark's new payment plan goes into effect, if a member of a grandfathered group tries to create a new group, he'll get a very unpleasant surprise when he discovers that is no longer the free platform that he had thought it was when he joined the first group.  We all have stories about how we heartily recommended to friends, and then we were forced to retract it when conditions became less favourable.)

To the question of how my suggestion would affect grandfathered groups: one thing that Mark could do is to convert the "unlimited membership numbers" facility of grandfathered groups to "unlimited free-member slots", and nothing else would need change for grandfathered groups to become compatible with the suggested payment system.

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