moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion


On 2021-01-09 22:38, J_Catlady via wrote:
Nobody was promised that those things would be grandfathered, either.

You mean, grandfathered forever and ever? 

If yes, Mark's message promises (to me at least) that, as has been customary so far, groups created before this necessary (Jan-2021) plan change will stay legacy "forever" [or at the very least until there is the absolute need for change due to a sustainability or emergency situation]; an explicit promise in other words that grandfathered/legacy groups will stay as such as for as long as he can help it.  (Mark please correct me if I understood/extrapolated wrong)

To me that is as good as grandfathered can get; it's the same promise we have gotten every time so far there has been something grandfathered, and so far it has been forever, hopefully it will stay like that forever.  It would be nice but it's unreasonable to expect Mark to promise forever-and-ever; if one thinks about it, grandfathering things is a perk to us from Mark, done at his discretion because it's affordable/sustainable, so far.  Things can change with no control over them.


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