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I fail to see the distinction you imply here.  If “the rules” change for group OWNERS, obviously those changes apply to their subscribers.  The platform hosting them can and will implement changes in the relationship over time (just like your bank); and, yes, those changes CAN affect subscribers.  But, in most cases with grandfathered groups, subscribers, at least in mine, remain relatively ignorant of the intricacies of

I would go so far as to say NONE of my subscribers have ever investigated other groups within Groups,io with the idea of perhaps joining them.  Just not an issue, from my experience.  You, of course, have found a number of groups of similar interest that “cross-pollenate”.  

Fine, but, in my humbug’s;e opinion the ability to do so is certainly NOT an unlimited, “grandffathered member.user/subscriber right”.  It is an incidental privilege subject to modification at any time in any manner by either OR the group owner.

Subscribers have NO rights other than as the group owner chooses to grant them, and those are obviously constrained by the realities of the platform hosting them.




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Group owners should know that their provider can and will implement changes as necessary for a platform to remain viable, or even make a profit.  There are the “natural prerequisites" of ownership.  Any and all expectations to the contrary are simply irrelevant.
Exactly right. Owners. Not "users" or "members."

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