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I have been sitting on my hands for weeks now. I have wanted to write but since I don't have a premium group at this point I started emails and then never sent them thinking that my opinion wouldn't matter.
My groups are grandfathered in but I would be willing to let's say pay $10 a year to host them all - not each one as I could not afford it. I am a senior citizen, living on social security. I host groups which I have been doing for years as a way to fulfill my hobby and bring some joy to others.  
I can get each group I own down to 100 members or less. The biggest group I have has been around for over 12 years and has a little over 400 members but I know many of them aren't even around anymore. It is a signature tag group. There is no way except if I do a roll call, which I may do to determine who is active and who isn't. That is because only the taggers (graphic artists) are allowed to post to the group. The members request tags and it goes to the sender. One member may request tags from tagger A and not from Tagger B and visa versa. In my sharing groups, I can also make it mandatory for members to share at least once a week and remove those who do not share to get from 167 members to less than 100. Or even split the group up into two groups if I have to.
I will say though all of my groups are EMAIL BASED GROUPS as well as all of the groups that I belong to are as well. I try to delete the message archives every other day. 
But I agree with  what Catlady  wrote below. Making members pay would be a deal breaker for me too. I know the circle of groups that I am in are all HOBBY type groups. They just don't have to be. They are made up of the elderly, handicapped, housebound population who are living hand to mouth on their social security checks. Many whose computers break down can't afford to get a new one for many months. I know for a fact, many would just leave group IO groups and either go to forums or Google groups to get their fix of signature tags or graphic shares. They couldn't pay to be in a groups IO group or in their cases maybe 50 or more group IO groups. I belong to 48 group IO groups - 2 which are this Beta group and GMF.  
Legally, with graphic type share groups that I own - part of the artist's terms of use prevent anyone making any money off of their artwork. So wouldn't that violate the terms if members had to pay for such groups -whether I make money off of them or Groups IO themselves.
There is a lot to think about. But one thing I know for sure if the grandfathered hobby type  groups are made to pay to host their groups many groups would move elsewhere. Maybe that is the solution to get Groups IO to have less groups. But in the scheme of things, these hobby type groups are only a drop in the bucket to the groups that are on IO that have thousands of members. Our groups don't even have 1/3 of that amount.
Thanks for listening to me.
Maybe some of my points are valid and maybe they aren't.
Many elderly,handicap, homebound (even before Covid) but now with Covid there are more would be very sad to give up part of their day from something that gives them enjoyment and makes them smile. That is what my groups do.
Thanks, Leeni

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Making members pay is a dealbreaker for me. I know some feel the opposite. My feeling is that I am hosting. I’m not running a paid business here.

And the refund issue is orders of magnitude more complicated when members pay. There are synchronization issue between confirmation, pending questionnaires for restricted groups, multiple vs single groups, etc.

For me its a dealbreaker. It radically changed the entire model and what we’re all doing here. But that’s just me.

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On Sat, Jan 9, 2021 at 10:21 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
I think it would be clearly unethical for a member to pay for a year's worth of a group, get kicked out, and not get their money back.
What happens to groups who have paid and get closed down for not following the rules?

If a member of a group has paid $3-5 a year for an individual GIO account, they can join a different group. Maybe they have learned their lesson after the banned behavior. I have paid many a $69 a year no refund fee for a service I was not satisfied with. I don't think a non refundable $5 a year for an individual account is going to break anyone. They aren't banned from GIO. They have all their GIO benefits including joining another group. 

The optional model of allowing individuals to become paid supporters of GIO is in addition to the optional model of allowing group owner to become paid supporters of GIO. 

If the groups I helped create are forced to pay at any point they will leave GIO. If the members in those groups are given the option to pay at any point, many will continue on as members and the created groups they are in will remain as groups and attract more paying and non paying members. 

Someone has to pay. Allowing both group owners and GIO account holders the option to pay seems like it should be reasonably to considered. 
Sandi Dickenson


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