moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion


On Fri, Jan 8, 2021 at 12:26 PM, Scott Chase wrote:
As it is now, only owners are able to give Mark money.
Exactly; tapping the users seems the next logical choice to me, I guess how to go about that is the question, through groups or directly, or maybe a combination of both.  But regardless of this,

>>> I still think a Wikipedia-style ' depends on donations' button needs to be added to help support the funding of individual groups and as a whole.

I also like the concept of having a Wikipedia-style donate/contribute/whatnot button on the top ribbon somewhere, it could also be beneficial because anyone can donate whatever amount, to whatever (group or; maybe when the button gets clicked, a screen is presented where the donor can select where his donation/contribution is going, either to one of the groups he's a member of as a donation/contribution to the group yearly fee fund (or possibly some other fund drive), or to directly as a donation to's operating fund; or maybe allow the person in that screen to be able to split the donation/contribution amount between the two categories, and/or also possibly within the group dues list as well, i.e. donate/contribute to two groups I belong to whose yearly fee date is coming up soon.  Who knows, maybe also allow the ability to have the donation be a recurring monthly/yearly one.
(a). If I'm just any owner/user out there, and I want to donate x amount of money to as a personal donation/thank you contribution, no need to use the group-temp-upgrade workarounds used now, just click on the button and in the next screen, and tell it all your donation is going to
(b). If I'm an owner, and I want to get the members involved in a fund drive, they click the button, and donate/contribute whatever, selecting the group as the destination.  Proceeds go to that group's account and accumulates there (so this way donations/contributions can be done at anytime, not only during a fund drive once a year), and when yearly fee comes due, payment is attempted from that group's account first; if funds are enough, cool, if not, the owner's payment method (as happens now) is then used as a "backup" payment method, and then the same downstream process takes place if no full payment is received at payment due date as happens now.

The potential problem/complication I see though, besides the "accepting donations" part that has already been discussed, is that (b) is what a certain percentage of paid group owners do already, except instead of having a donate button, they instead have a Paypal account and people send the contributions there; in the meantime they may take care of the payment and reimburse themselves from the fund, or supplement it if not enough, etc.  So implementing (b) is akin to now becoming Paypal which now shifts the logistical and accounting onus (and headaches) of keeping accounts and keeping track of things, to Mark; before all he had to directly-worry about was to get payment from the group at renewal time, now he would have to (both -indirectly and somewhat-directly) also worry and keep track of the fundraising process, I don't know, maybe more though is needed on this part.


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