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I think this is all too complicated and would create more work for you and the group owners. I would look to simplify your pricing structure. 

Basic groups pay $1/week, $52 annually
Premium $4-5/week $208-260/annually
Enterprise $25/wk or whatever number you need to make it valuable to both yourself and the group owners

I think at some point you could phase in the pricing to grandfathered groups.

Even if all groups drop down to basic (which won't happen) and you have 20,000 groups that's a little over $1mil.

Same revenue for 5,000 premium with the above pricing structure and about 800 enterprise.

My opinion, keep it simple. 


On Thu, Jan 7, 2021, 5:11 PM Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

Hi All,

Thank you all for the vigorous but respectful discussion on the planned pricing changes. I'd like to discuss Samuel's proposal for paid users, as outlined here: I'm less interested in specific details, and more about the overall concept, which if I can summarize, is:

  • Groups have a set number of "free member slots". Someone filling one of these slots does not have to pay anything to
  • Paid groups would have more "free member slots".
  • Once the free member slots are filled up, someone wishing to be a new member of the group would have to pay a yearly fee to

There are other aspects, but that's the general outline. One could also imagine that paying the yearly fee to would unlock additional per-user features at some point (like the ability to star/save messages, or the ability to delay the sending of a message to a group for a few minutes in case you want to change it, for example).

I think it's an interesting idea, although I am concerned about how to explain and present it clearly. I also think getting the implementation right would be tricky. Questions for the group:

  • Are there any problems with this idea/reasons to not implement it?
  • Does there need to be a try before you buy period where someone could subscribe to a group for 14 days (let's say) before having to become a paid member?
  • In Samuel's proposal, there's potentially a lot of member management that has to be done by the owners and I wonder if we reduce/simplify that? Ideally this is something owners would not have to think about.
  • What else am I missing?


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