moderated Make it clearer, when messages needs approval, if user is manually moderated #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy


I've noticed that there is no way to see whether a message is held for moderation due to it being from a new member or due to it being from a member who is currently moderated.  For messages from "new user" moderated people, we generally just check if the message is spam or a scam, and if it isn't, the moderator approves it.  But I would like my moderators to look more closely at a message if that message is sent from someone who is currently being moderated (i.e. manually moderated, not "new user" moderated).

I've also noticed that it's unclear in other cases when messages need approval as to WHY they need approval.  I would suggest that the reason be stated clearly at the top of the message that is sent to the moderator, and that the reason is also stated on both approval screens on the web.


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